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I Didn't Even Know Your Name

Momma's Old Rocking Chair

When We Close Our Bedroom Door Demo

Part Of You Part Of Me Demo

How Far Would You Travel For Love
In This Crazy World

They're Just Roses Demo

Two Golden Crowns

All Im Asking You Is For Your Time

Dance With Me

Between A Women And A Man

On A Dead End Road

Kept The Fire Burning

Open Heart And A Prayer

When Two Hearts Are One

Your Beautiful Heart

One Foot In The Past

Last Ounce Of Dignity

100 Proof

Heart On Her Sleeve.

All The Roads Lead Back To You

Momma Was The Glue

A Missing Piece To A Puzzle

You Ain't Gone Yet

In My Mommas Eyes

Second Hand Store

My Tennessee Rose

A Better Life

Pray God Takes The Bottle

Hopes And Dreams Die

Old Man Of The Mountain

When A Man Becomes A Man

Bridges Bout Going Under

Chuck Frederick
Nashville Tennessee Songwriters
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The Listening Room
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