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Jerri Rachelle Meder Muller

"A Celebration Of Life and Love!!!"

"Love Fearlessly"

  My late wife Jerri "Rachelle" Muller was always encouraging me to get published and bought me several books with Publishers contact information. My wife passed away (July 4th 2013) at 41 years old from complications of Multiple Sclerosis. Rachelle struggled every day for many years and gradually lost all her abilities. She routinely would recite to me all the things she had to be grateful for "despite her disabilities".She always said "the only disability is a bad attitude".

  Jerri was a member of "Alcoholics Anonymous" and was 15 years sober when she passed away. I couldn't have been prouder of her and so grateful to have spent the last 2 1/2 years taking care of her at home. She struggled to "find her calling" and told me before she died that she thought her calling was to be a "loving and devoted wife and mother". As far as I'm concerned there is no calling that is as noble. Never has been anything that has humbled me as much to have watched my "Best Friend" take her last breath. I've realized that when God gives you "A Gift" it should not to be ignored.

In Heaven

Jerri And I 6 Months After We Met.
What A Hottie!!!

Had Just gotten engaged.
29 & 42 Years Old.

Jerri Rachelle at her Wedding Shower.

My wife's Motto after she was diagnosed with Multple Sclerosis April 29, 2001

Our Mom's at our reception when we came home from our "Honeymoon". My Mom ("Margaret" on the Left) Jerri Rachelle's Mom ("Nancy" on the right)

My wife Jerri Rachelle" shortly after she lost her ability to walk.

We used this Blue Floating Chair in Our Pool. My wife's favorite music artist was "Kenny Chesney" he has a song called "Old Blue Chair". The Song gave me the inspiration to take my wife to the ocean the summer before she passed away. I spent 2 hours straight in the water with her. I don't think I'd ever seen her beautiful smile as much as that day. We don't have any pictures of that day. "Some wonderful things in life must be Committed to Memory!!"

Our Wedding Party!!!"From Left to Right" Our Daughter Renae (Bridesmaid), Our Daughter Kaleigh (Maid of Honor)Jerri Rachelle, Justice of the Peace, Myself, Our son Casey (My Best Man), Our nephew Bradford (Ringbearer)

Every year for 10 years we returned the "Harkness Memorial State Park" on "Our Anniversary". We usually went on the weekend closest to August 10th hoping to see another couple married there.

My Wife walking down the isle with her Dad, I'll never forget it. He said to me very sternly "Take care of my daughter". I assure you I took him very very seriously!!!

My Wife walking down the isle with her Dad

By far one of the best days of my life!!!

Pretty sure this is the last kiss
we shared on this spot.

Harkness Memorial State Park "Mansion".

Gardens at the mansion .

This is the "Reception Area" at "Harkness Memorial State Park" Stonington CT.
This is where "Our First Dance" was.

Our Wedding Song

"When You Say Nothing At All"

Sung By Alison Krausse.

"The touch of your hand
says you'll catch me if ever I fall.
You say it best when
you say nothing at all".

Our Song. "Part of You, Part of Me" was inspired by memories of our
"Wedding Dance".

Rachelle Planned the Whole Wedding.
Always the Picture of Grace and Class
Kind Heart and Gentle Soul!!

"Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream

This song played during "Cutting the Cake"

"Your love is better than ice cream
better than anything else that I've tried
and your love is better than ice cream
but everyone here knows how to Cry

And it's a long way down
it's a long way down
it's a long way down to the place
where we started from

Your love is better than chocolate
better than anything else that I've tried
Oh love is better than chocolate
everyone here knows how to Fight
And it's a long way down
it's a long way down
it's a long way down to the place
where we started from...

"The Happy Couple". That day we were able to introduce ourselves to the couple getting married. They were so grateful!!!

The Blues Brothers Couple!!!

Last pictures of us together "At Home" before my wife passed away.

For the last 2 1/2 years of my wife's life I took care of her 24/7. It was a pleasure and a priviledge that God entrusted me with. Some people touch our lives so uniquely, so profoundly. Some things like our vows are very sacred.We always said to each other
"A Wonderful Love Affair".

This last picture I ever took of my wife.

A Picture hung on Our bathroom Wall with this saying My Wife had me read it too her every morning as I helped her get ready for the day. During that time she would also recite her "Gratitude List".

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched
They must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller

I read to my wife in the morning and at night before bed. Helen Keller's Autobiography "The Story of My Life" was the
last book we read together.

My wife didn't sing much......very spontaneously a few times a month she would break out in her favorite song to sing to "me". Always made my heart Soar!!!

"Oh Baby you, you got what I need
and you say he's just a friend
and you say he's just a friend.
Oh Baby you got what need!!!

I Miss you dear and always will.
See you in Heaven My Angel.
My Sweet Love.

This is what she would say when we were leaving to go somewhere.

Favorite team! Her favorite player was Justin Pedrioa 2nd baseman. She used to imitate his "Facial Tick" when he was at bat.