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I was driving down the road

Picked up my phone to calI

Just like that remembered you were gone

All the memories

Came rushing back to me

Sitting at the dining table

Doing Jigsaw puzzles

Kids birthday parties

Them blowing bubbles with endless smiles

Think about you all the time

Shake my head I miss you Dear

Just can't believe that your not here

It's like a popped bubble

A missing piece to a puzzle


Sittin here lonesome by myself

Pictures on the walls and all the shelves

Precious memories

Of our family

Your always in my heart

I have few regrets

We saw each other

Through the worst and best

with endless smiles

Think about you all the time

I get in bed around eleven

Lay there wonder what your doing in heaven

My hearts so troubled

A missing piece of a puzzle


Sometimes your beside me

Gentle in my dreams

I hear your sweet voice

And see your angels's wings


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Chuck Frederick
Nashville Tennessee Songwriters
BMI - Broadcast Music Incorporated
Missing Piece To A Puzzle