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In Gratitude
To the Founders & Members of
12 Step Recovery


There are mountains in my soul

and there's a rainbow in my heart

And the pain that I've endured

Now keeps my world from falling apart

Kept you close when I needed strength

I just prayed to understand

And one day at a time I've become a man

Now when I'm wrong I can say so

I make my amends

I don't point a finger at my friends

And the lessons I have learned

that you passed on to me

Help me in my struggle to be free


Well there was fire in my eyes

when I was a young man

I was trying to find my way

trying to do the best I can

I looked up at you standing tall

it meant so much to me

Through your life I saw what I could be

And now I can let go

what will be will be

I've walked the walk and now I see

I'm standing on solid ground

that you share with me

You have passed on your serenity


Old Man of the Mountain I see you in the horizon of the sky

And I need someone to look up to understand your footsteps wise

And I want someone like you, to help me stay strong and true

Old Man of the Mountain I need you

Old Man of the Mountain I need you

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Chuck Frederick
Nashville Tennessee Songwriters
BMI - Broadcast Music Incorporated
Old Man Of The Mountain