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(Written For My Godmother - 2014)


Our Auntie is ten feet tall

Nephews and nieces she loves us all

Jump in her car and go for a ride

Took us to the beach stayed til night

When she drove her car you had to hold on

Mile a minute and she was gone (repeat)


Remember going to the frog pond

Always had our bathing suits on

Auntie Lucy just loved to play

Catching frogs in the sun all day

She would make us laugh she was so smart

Ten feet tall with a bigger heart (repeat)


Picking berries in her strawberry patch

Ate too many had to take a nap

Baking shortcakes while I was asleep

Whip cream and berries

running down my cheek

Auntie Lucy made you feel so good

Felt so special always would (repeat)


I'm fifty five she's eighty eight

My birthday card never come late

Always been there for us all

Auntie Lucy is ten feet tall

When I think about her in a special way

I've been blessed with God's grace (repeat)


Our Auntie is ten feet tall

Loves us to pieces loves us all

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Chuck Frederick
Nashville Tennessee Songwriters
BMI - Broadcast Music Incorporated
Our Auntie Lucy